The Equipment

We have custom built a very comfortable production suite with Final Cut Pro  and Logic Pro Audio. We also have an assortment of cameras: Black Magic, Canon 5D both with various lens and grip equipment.

Recording: Here is a much cherished list of mostly vintage recording equipment. These live in the studio but from time to time get rented out for mobile recording sessions.

Vintage Mic pres and equalisers6 X Raindirk w/eq, 3  X Neve (Class A), 2X V78 Telefunken (valve), 2X RFT MV810/2, 2 Tube Filters Berlin (Bespoke from Fritz Lang’s studio!), 1 x PEV (Neumann) eq, 2 telefunken W395A

Microphones: Neumann u87 & U86i, Coles 4038, geffel 210, akg d12, Beyerdynamic ribbons, Beyerdynamic M380TG, Sony c37fet, 3x Sennheiser 421s, Sure 57s,

Various: Altec 436 tube Compressor, UREI 1178 stereo compressor